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creamsoda99's Journal

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Name: Creamie

Age: 20 - 29 range

Ethnicity: American

Religion: Agnostic Atheist

Orientation: Asexual

Languages: English and some Spanish.

Interests: Drawing, watching movies, anything horror-related, reading, sleeping, writing, listening to music, cosplaying/costumes, animation, comic books, fan conventions, etc.

Favorite T.V. Shows: Hannibal, Heroes, Grimm, Adventure Time, Degrassi, The Walking Dead, Scrubs, House MD, The Twilight Zone, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, The Soup, Tosh.0, Rupaul's Drag Race, etc.

Favorite Music: All types. I especially love Paramore, The Avalanches, Phoenix, Mindless Self Indulgence, etc.